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Our Services

  • Hearing Aids

  • Complete Diagnostic Audiology

  • Hearing Aid Fitting and Consultation

  • Hearing Loss Rehabilitation

  • Hearing Aid Servicing, Repair & Maintenance

  • Hearing Aid Adjustments

  • Tinnitus Evaluation

  • Cerumen Management

  • Vestibular Testing & Rehabilitation

  • Newborn Hearing Testing

  • Comprehensive Follow-Up Care

Advanced Hearing Group

The Premiere Hearingcare Company in America.

Offices throughout 

MD & VA.

Publicly Traded as SETO


At the Advanced Hearing Group, our highly trained staff strives to provide you with the best quality and personalized care possible. You, our patient are the center of our activity. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Our philosophy of care governs everything that we do for you. It consists of the following key elements:


We truly care about our patients and want you to feel very comfortable with the entire process.  We strive to be thorough in everything we do, taking the time to be the best we can be.


We recognize that each patient is an individual and our goal is to help you with all of your hearing needs. We feel that it is very important that every patient be fully informed throughout the evaluation and decision-making process.


Whether your first appointment is for a hearing evaluation or a hearing aid consultation, you can expect the highly trained staff at the Advanced Hearing Group to actively listen to your unique hearing problems, evaluate your hearing, and provide recommendations specifically designed to meet your individual needs. We will work closely with your other physicians to give you the holistic hearing healthcare you deserve.

HEARING ASSESSMENT - Every appointment is set to meet the individual needs of the patient. As such, each hearing assessment may be slightly different. After meeting with you to discuss your concerns and taking a full case history, the audiologist will examine the ear and then...Read More


HEARING AID SELECTION -  If it has been determined that there is a hearing loss, a hearing aid evaluation will then be performed. Based on results from testing your audiologist at the Advanced Hearing Group will determine which type of hearing aid is best for you and your unique needs. The recommendation will be based on the degree and type of hearing loss you have, your lifestyle...Read More

Diagnostic and Auditory Rehabilitative Services. Hearing Aids.

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HEARING AIDS - The Advanced Hearing Group is an independent hearing healthcare provider. We we work with a large number of hearing aid manufacturers.

Learn more about the types, styles and technology behind our hearing aids... Read More

HEARING REHABILITATION - Hearing rehabilitation, or auditory rehabilitation, is the process of bringing hearing back to its highest potential. Through training and treatment auditory rehabilitation can improve hearing for those who have hearing loss...Read More


Hearing Aid Repairs - If your hearing aids need to be repaired, we can help! The staff at the Advanced Hearing Group are often able to perform most repairs in the same day. Learn more about repair and what you can do to care for your hearing aids...Read More

Other Products & Services- From protective devices to ALDs and hearing aid batteries, the professionals at the Hearing Center have you covered! ...
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