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Earn an Extra $1,000.00 per month - part time!

A  Seto Company

Like us on Facebook for a chance to win $10,000.00


The First Step is to Sign Up. Fill in our contact form to register and we will email you more information.

You will Help Promote our Hearing Healthcare Services as our local representative and hearing care promotor.



  1. Tell people about us.

    Pass out our literature (& Gift Certificates) to people you believe suffer from hearing loss:

    Your Friends,
    Collogues at work, at
    Church or place of worship, your favorite Restaurant, at
    Bingo, or your
    Doctor’s office.

    etc. That's it!

  2. For each person you refer to AHG, you get (earn) $200.00*

    The person you refer will also get a an extra $200.00 discount against the purchase price of hearing aids! 

    and will be treated by some of the best Audiologists and hearing care professionals in the industry.


  3. We will perform a Free hearing screening and offer the best hearing solutions based on medical necessity.

    Everyone wins.

    Here’s the math:

    1 referral per week = 4 referrals per month; that’s

    $800.00 per month and

    $10,000.00/year for your informal and part time efforts.



Fill in the contact form, 
ENTER: "SETO Ambassador" in the subject line with a brief description of your background and one our representatives will contact you within a day or two.


If you are familiar with Internet based marketing, we will set up a WEB PAGE for you to promote.


* As a SETO Ambassador you will be paid for your marketing and networking services. Programs terms are subject to change without notice at SETO's discretion. Hearing aid purchase required.

Email Inquiries only (


Publicly Traded as SETO


With you first referral, you will also get 10,000 of our publicly traded shares and 2,000 additional shares for each new referral*. 

You could accumulate up to 100,000 shares.  Our GIFT to you!

Become a SETO Ambassador and help us promote our business on line and in our local markets. Space is limited. We will accept no more than 10 "Ambassadors" per clinic.

We are Patient Owned. 15 Locations in MD & VA.

Hearing Loss - A National Epidemic


The statistics are alarming. According to the National Institute on Deafness, more than 36 million Americans have a hearing loss—this includes 17% of our adult population. The incidence of hearing loss increases with age.


Approximately one third of Americans between ages 65 and 74 and nearly half of those over age 75 have hearing loss (NIDCD, 2010).


Hearing loss is the third most prevalent chronic health condition facing older adults (Collins, 1997).


Unfortunately, only 20% of those individuals who might benefit from treatment actually seek help

As a SETO Ambassador, you will help your friends, family and neighbors HEAR BETTER.

To register, please fill in contact form and one of our representatices will contact you to provide you more information and to sign you up.

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