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We are patient owned. 
That's why we only answer to you, our Patients.

Hearing aids
  • Audiology & Hearing Aids

  • Complete Diagnostic Audiology

  • Hearing Aid Fitting and Consultation

  • Hearing Loss Rehabilitation

  • Hearing Aid Servicing, Repair & Maintenance​

  • Tinnitus Evaluation

  • Cerumen Management

  • Vestibular Testing & Rehabilitation

  • Newborn Hearing Testing

  • Comprehensive Follow-Up Care

hearing aids
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Hearing Loss Experts

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ADVANCED HEARING GROUP - Publicly Traded as SETO                 @Setoholdings

Audiology & Hearing Aids

Hearing Loss has been linked to Dementia, Alzheimer's and Cognitive Decline. A hearing test should be part of your yearly physical.  We offer free screenings - 877-361-0100.

Publicly Traded as


The Big Box Retailers also "sell" hearing aids. But ask yourself if you want to buy hearing aids from your Grosser?

Call the Board of Audiology (410-764-4725) to verify your salesperson's credentials. Ask Questions. Your health depends on it.

AHG Audiologists possess minimum qualifications of a Masters degree in Audiology and many possess a Doctorate in the science of Hearing Healthcare.

Before you buy hearing aids from your Big Box Retailer you should consider the long term cost.  It's not like buying a car, or tires for your car. Ask yourself - would you buy an orthopedic limb from your deli.

​Audioprosthologists), may only possess a high-school diploma with a weekend course for certification, and are trained to sell hearing aids.

This terminology has been deemed deceptive by many attorney generals and is purposely used to mislead the public.

Know the facts. You will be working with your providers for years to come.

Our AUDIOLOGISTS will work closely with your current physicians to deliver holistic hearing healthcare.

Hearing Loss has been linked to Cognitive Decline

With AHG, you won't sacrifice quality hearing health care offered by an AHG audiologist for cost

Alcohol and Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss & Alcohol

We are EXPERTS in Hearing Healthcare.

We are Patient Owned. 

Why this is important?

It's simple, we place your hearing healthcare first.

We offer a holistic approach to your hearing health and work closely with your other physicians to achieve the best results.

We are independent. This means that we DON'T answer to anyone other than you. Not a manufacturer or other outside buying groups who are only interested in selling hearing aids or meeting a sales goal. 

Helping you hear better is goal.

Many audiology practices take money from hearing aid manufacturers or from buying groups and have to fill a monthly or yearly quota. In such instances, your healthcare might be compromised.


Call us at phone 877-361-0100 to schedule an appointment.

Your initial screening and hearing consultation are free and we offer a RISK FREE TRIAL of the latest hearing aid technology. This ensures that the options recommended are best suited for you and your lifestyle.

Hearing Topics

Hearing Aids Got Wet. What to do?

How We Hear

How We Hear


Tinnitus  - that ringing in my ear.

DISCLAIMER - See Hearing Clinics for Details. Restrictions Apply to Offers Advertised on line or in print.  Offer may expire, be recinded or changed at the discretion of management. 877-361-0100. 11DSCCl Hap CHO ER FS Laugh

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